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VTT logoVTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is an independent multidisciplinary technology research institute, with a pool of 2700 technically highly competent and skilled staff. Our key technology fields include: Applied materials, Bio- and chemical processes, Energy, ICT, Industrial systems, Microtechnologies and electronics, Technology in the community, and Business Research. Our strength lies in broad, state-of-the-art technological knowledge, practical engineering skills and market understanding. This enables us to see future product and business opportunities. VTT is a contract research organization involved in many international assignments. We provide a wide range of technology and applied research services for our clients, private companies, institutions and public sector in order to, e.g.,

Regarding the REViSITE project, VTT has an extensive experience on national and international RTD activities related to the ICT4EE in the four industrial sectors relevant in the project. In addition to having participated in a various research and coordination projects on the topic, VTT participates actively in all the European Technology Platforms relevant for the project. VTT is also active in various other international forums, such as International Energy Agency and European Smart Metering Association. Through these activities VTT has networked with the key European organizations in the field of ICT4EE. VTT also offers technology foresight services for private and public sector, and has a substantial expertise on facilitating and executing roadmap work in national and international level. VTT has also participated in several European RTD roadmap projects.

For more information, please visit: http://www.vtt.fi

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