ICT4EE Knowledge and Current Practices

The REViSTE project conducted a extensive review of the "state of the knowledge and practice" detailing that which is homogenous, heterogeneous and synergetic across the projects four target sectors in terms of ICT enabled Energy Efficiency. Starting point is a sector specific state of the art review. It describes individually the sector characteristics and its framework, the individual energy profile and most important the usage of RTDs in terms of ICT enabled energy efficiency. The RTDs are classified by using the REViSTE SMARTT taxonomy, which proves very useful in order to speak a common language across the sectors and to not compare apples and oranges.

In a second step REViSTE conducted a synthesis by identifying the most promising links, common themes and RTD trends between the sectors, which are mainly in the fields of:

ICT Knowledge and CUrrent Practices

The state of the art review concludes with themes and gaps identified as being critical to ICT enabled Energy Efficiency e.g.:

The summary sheet of the report is available here.
The main report is available here.
The technical report on ICT4EE Knowledge and Current Practices is available here.

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