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REViSITE: Roadmap Enabling Vision and Strategy for ICT-enabled Energy Efficiency

REViSITE brings together experts and stakeholders in ICT for Energy Efficiency (ICT4EE) to develop a shared vision of the ICT4EE research agenda for future. You can get involved by joining the REViSITE Community, taking part in Discussion Forums on LinkedIn.

Four key industrial domains are under study: Smart Grids, Smart Buildings, Smart Manufacturing and Smart Lighting. Non sectoral specific impact assessments, strategic research agendas and implementation action plans will be developed under the common theme of ICT4EE.

REViSITE is funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme. The project consortium consists of academic and industrial partners throughout Europe:

The project is supported by the REViSITE Expert Group (REG). We believe that ICT4EE research has the potential to transform energy systems across all sectors.

REViSITE is coordinated by Professor Tarek Hassan, Loughborough University, UK. The project duration is 2 years starting from 1st February 2010.

For more information about the goal and objectives of REViSITE, please click here.

A leaflet on the REViSITE project is available here.

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