ICT4EE – Impact Assessment Framework

Keith Ellis from INTEL talks about the REViSITE Framework & SMARTT taxonomy, used to model potential ICT themes for Strategic Research Agenda development

ICT4EE – Impact Assessment Model aims to identify the potential relevance of key ICTs with respect to the development of and ICT4EE Strategic Research Agenda, the ultimate goal of which focuses on energy efficiency improvement across the four target sectors.

The modelled output is based on the qualitative research of deliverable D2.2 ‘ICT4EE- Knowledge and Current Practices’ and utilises the framework developed in deliverable D2.1 ‘ICT4EE- Data Taxonomy: A common methodology to assess the impact of ICT developments’ on energy efficiency’.

The Impact Assessment Model begins with a recap of the framework of deliverable D2.1 together with a discussion as to the value of the approach. This is followed by a summary, broken down by sector, of the most promising RTD/ICTs as identified by survey. The survey output is then compared to community discussion and key ICT’s identified in the project workshops to date. Finally, a synthesis of the main common RTD/ICT themes in terms of SRA relevance of all four sectors is presented. The importance of ‘automation and operational decision support’ and ‘specification and design’ ICTs amongst others in terms of energy efficiency is highlighted. The survey and trend analysis offers, in the opinion of the consortium, clear trajectories for WP3 SRA discussion.

The summary sheet of the Impact Assessment Framework is available here.
The main report on the Impact Assessment Framework is available here.
The technical report on the Impact Assessment Framework is available here.
To learn more about the REViSITE Framework & SMARTT Taxonomy, please click here.

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