REViSITE Expert Group

The REViSITE EXPERT GROUP (REG) represents key experts within the ICT4EE community. The five permanent members of the REG are:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. F.-L. Krause

Professor Krause is an internationally renowned expert on digitalising and integrating the entire product creation process, and on analysing its methodological foundations. In 2007 he retired from Technical University of Berlin and Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology, where he worked for about 30 years as Prof. for Industrial Information Technology and director of the Virtual Product Creation division. Today Prof. Krause is still active as an independent advisor for virtual product creation technologies and in the field of ICT for energy efficiency.

Bruno Smets

Bruno Smets is currently Director External Relations at the CTO Office of Philips Lighting. After earning a PhD from the Catholic University of Leuven, Bruno joined Philips Electronics in 1977. In the late seventies and eighties Bruno was active in research on new materials both within Philips Research and Philips Lighting. In the eighties he shifted his attention to the development and market introduction of lamp ballast combinations, such as UHP systems for digital projection.

Seven years ago he joined the management team at the Advanced Development Laboratory of Philips Lighting, his primary responsibility being the long-term research portfolio. Over the years, the focus in this portfolio shifted from breakthroughs in discharge and materials technology towards the creation of system solutions based on solid-state lighting and lighting control.

This shift in focus aligns well with the transformation Philips Lighting is going through, i.e. the shift from being a supplier of components for lighting systems to becoming a provider of lighting solutions. This repositioning of Philips Lighting also had a substantial impact on the way Philips Lighting performs R&D, requiring a swift transition from 'closed' towards 'open' innovation. In order to facilitate this process he recently joined the Lighting CTO office, becoming responsible for cooperation with partners in academia and industry. In this role he is co-chair of the working group on Lighting and Displays of Photonics21 and a member of the Operational Working Group of the E2BA, Energy Efficiency in Buildings Association as well as of the Ad Hoc Advisory Group to the EU Commission on the Energy Efficiency in Buildings calls within the FP7 framework.

Mr. José J. de las Heras

Mr. de las Heras is an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer. He works in the R&D Department of ACCIONA INFRAESTRUCTURAS, where he manages the ICT Group. His research activity is focused on sensor and instrument applications, mobile and wireless solutions and software engineering, mainly in the field of construction, including buildings and civil infrastructure. He is or has been involved in several National and European projects:

Moreover, he has had an active role in European Organizations and Technology Platform such as ECTP (European Construction Technology Platform) and ARTEMIS (European Embedded Intelligence Technology Platform). Finally, he has co-chaired the European Commission Ad-Hoc Advisory Group on Smart Buildings within ICT for Energy Efficiency Advisory Group. He is currently part of the Energy Efficient Buildings Public-Private Partnership (EeB PPP) Industrial Advisory Group leading working group 3 dealing with Energy Efficient Districts.

Giorgio Recine

Giorgio Recine is the Technical Manager and Head of the Department of Renewable Energies at Labor Srl (It). He has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" (Italy), with a specialization in plant design, and actively collaborates in technology transfer actions, assessment and evaluation of RTD projects, as well as valorisation of R&D project results activities, technology auditing and support activities towards SMEs for their participation in European research programmes.

Giorgio is a consultant for the European Commission, and acts as Project Technical Advisor in a number of projects, including EASIE (Ensuring Advancement in Sandwich Construction through Innovation and Exploitation) and MEMSCON (Radio Frequency Identification Tags Linked to on Board Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems in a Wireless, Remote and Intelligent Monitoring and Assessment System for the Maintenance of Constructed Facilities).

He has coordinated several EU R&D projects, including SAHC (Promotion of Solar Assisted Heating and Cooling in the Agrofood Sector &nash; IEE, 2007- ), TERMOGLAZE (Thermo Chromic Glazing for Energy Saving Applications, FP6 Cooperative Research for SMEs, 2005-2007), IMS (Integrated Modular System for Energy Self-sufficient Building Based on Thin Film Photovoltaic and Thermoelectric Devices, FP6 Cooperative Research for SMEs, 2004-2006) and BUILD-DSSC (Large Area DSSC for Building Integrated PV Tiles, FP6 Cooperative Research for SMEs, 2004-2006).

Andrew Haslett

Andrew Haslett is the Director – Strategy Development at the Energy Technology Institute (ETI), UK. Andrew joined the Energy Technologies Institute in April 2008 from his previous role as Group Science & Technology Director (Measurement & Modelling) at ICI plc. Andrew has been involved in process and product technology development for 30 years, leading a range of research and engineering groups. His experience covers a very wide range of technologies from large scale high hazard process plant engineering to developing electronic materials and also a broad range of industrial and consumer applications. He has experience of development, design and operation of large scale plant and also technology licensing and the sale of technology based services.

At ICI, he was recently responsible for the development of the Group Technology Strategy and for assisting businesses to measure and improve their application of technology to innovation.

Andrew graduated from Cambridge University in 1977 with a BA in Chemical Engineering. He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce. He is a Chartered Engineer and a Chartered Scientist.

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