REViSITE Workshops

REViSITE had run a number of stakeholder workshops during the project to gain expert views and opinions on the project’s results. The reports of these workshops can be found below.

International workshop 1: Community and ICT impact

The first REViSITE workshop meeting was held on the 4th of June 2010 in Sophia Antipolis, Nice, hosted by the Centre Scientifique Technologique du Bâtiment (CSTB). This was the First Community Workshop (CW1) as specified in the project Description of Work. Nine REG members and all REVISITE consortium members participated in this event.

The workshop main report and summary sheets are available for download.

International workshop 2: Vision Validation Workshop

The first REViSITE vision validation workshop (VW1) was held on the 25th of January 2011 in the VTT laboratories in Espoo, Helsinki, Finland. The workshop saw the participation of ten REViSITE Expert Group (REG) members, an expert panel comprising of a wide range of academic institutions, research centres and companies from across Europe, and all REVISITE consortium members as well as the participation of the Aalto University of Helsinki, experts in the area of smart lighting.

The workshop main report and summary sheets are available for download.

REViSITE workshop at the CIB Conference 2011:
Interoperability for Improved Energy Efficiency

A workshop was held at the CIB 2011 Conference in Sophia Antipolis to support the energy efficient Building Data Models (eeBDM) efforts in terms of building community support and consensus for a universally acceptable eeBDM. The REViSITE workshop focussed on Grid/Building interoperability, examining the main interoperability touch-points between the built environment and energy grids. The Building Data Model is regarded essential for advancements in Energy Efficiency in the built environment and the REViSITE workshop identified ontologies, methodologies and tools central to enabling a common BDM definition.

The workshop main report is available for download.

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