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KEMA logoKEMA is an international independent research and test organisation established in 1927, originating from and part of the Dutch electricity and heat supply organisation. It provides services in the fields of Energy Generation, -Distribution, and -End-Use, including Waste to Energy, Sustainable Energy, Environment, and Quality. It performs in Energy Consultancy, Plant and Systems Operational Support, Research and Development, Testing, Inspection, and Training.

The head office of KEMA is in Arnhem, The Netherlands. KEMA has subsidiaries in USA, Germany, and offices in a number of other countries. In total 1500 people are employed, of which about 1000 in Arnhem. Clients of KEMA are the Electricity Generating and Distributing Companies, Industry, Financial Institutions and also Donor Institutions like World Bank, European Union, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The expertise of KEMA is based on highly qualified and experienced personnel, test facilities, and laboratories. Testing, Consultancy, Research and Development are performed under the ISO 9001 Standard. There also qualifications to work on the basis of ISO, IEC, ANSI, ASME, Gosh Standards. Key Personnel for the project are from the Unit KEMA Consulting.

KEMA Consulting is involved in testing communication interfaces based in international standards already for over 15 years. Examples are: IEC 60870-5, 60870-6 and 61850. KEMA wants to make available this expertise to the project and work on extending its test facilities and test expertise to communication interfaces for smart meters and other components of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). These facilities and expertise will then be available for the European energy industry in order to evaluate the interoperability of devices in the AMI.

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