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New! The REViSITE final High Level Report: Multi-disciplinary Strategic Research Agenda for ICT-enabled Energy Efficiency is now available. Click here to download the report.

Prof. Tarek Hassan from Loughborough University introduces the REViSITE project

REViSITE is working for the European Commission to identify cross-sectoral research priorities covering the domains of grids, manufacturing, buildings and lighting, for Europe in the area of ICT for Energy Efficiency (ICT4EE). The priorities are needed to direct the EC funding for Research in Technological Developments in this area over the coming years.

The REViSITE Strategic Research Agenda report is now available here.

All deliverables and reports from the REViSITE project are available here.

Our initial analysis of recent and current research initiatives in the area of ICT4EE suggests that the following research areas are of high priority:

  1. Technical interoperability and standardisation
  2. Design for energy-efficiency in all sectors
  3. Metrics and methods for quantitative assessment of ICT impacts
  4. The difficulty in substantiating the casual connection between research and technical development themes
  5. The importance of data visualisation and decision support particularly in the usage phase of each sector

Keith Ellis from INTEL talks about the REViSITE Framework & SMARTT taxonomy

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